Before You Consider Hiring an Orlando Content Marketing Agency…

3 Things You Need to Do If You Want to be Successful With a 

Content Marketing Agency…


Generally, most of us are good at a handful of things, and are REALLY good at a couple of those… unless Content Marketing is one of those things that you are particularly good at, here in Central Florida, it usually makes more sense to get some help from a professional  Content Marketing agency.  “Good” Content Marketing requires a mind for copy writing, visual design, data analytics, web design, search engine optimization, sales, story telling, psychology, and about a dozen other talents that you either possess…or…you don’t. If your skills are aren’t directly in line with those things, you’re probably better served by focusing your time and energy on the things that you really do specialize in and letting someone else handle (or at least help with) the marketing.

Before you reach out to an Orlando Content Marketing agency though, there are three important things you need to do first, and as a warning, they all require you to open yourself up to some hard truths and different ways of thinking.


1. Understand what Content Marketing CAN do, as well as what it CAN’T do:

Of course, one could argue that we are a bit biased (and one would be correct), but the fact is that GOOD Content Marketing does “work”. It will help you and your organisation attract new viewers and prospects, it will help you keep those same people engaged and ultimately help you convert more of those people to customers/clients, it will help you establish yourself as a thought leader and expert, it will help boost your website’s SEO, and most importantly, it will help your company understand it’s client and even itself better.

That’s what GOOD Content Marketing does.

BAD Content will scare aware potential clients/customers. It will establish you as -at best -incompetent (and at worst? Well, let’s just say that there are a lot of people we all avoid because of how they present themselves. I’m sure you have a few creative terms for those people). It will waste time, waste resources, and force you into a spending your time on damage control. Thankfully though, there isn’t a whole lot of “Bad” Content Marketing these days. Most Content Marketing isn’t “good” or “bad” . It’s  just pointless.

What does this “Meh” level of Content Marketing do? Nothing. It does nothing at all. It just takes up space and distracts you from doing something more useful.

This do-nothing Content Marketing is usually the results of companies not realizing what Content Marketing CAN’T do.  It can’t overcome a lack of direction. It can’t be at once both successful and unfocused. It can’t fill your coffers until it has had the time to do what it was designed to do (build relationships and create trust). It can’t “go viral” just because someone wants it to. Most of all, it can’t be viewed as a quick fix because it’s not. It’s a long term investment, but done correctly, an investment that pays dividends.

2. Have an idea what you want to accomplish (and be specific)…:

Have you ever gotten into your car…closed the door….fastened your seat belt… clapped your hands twice like you were summoning a genie, and loudly ordered ” I want to go to dinner”?

Hopefully you answered “no”.

You don’t do that because you know it doesn’t work that way.

A car is a great tool to get you were you want to go. It will even do most of the hard work of getting you there, but you still have to do your part if you want to get where you want to go. It works the same way for Content Marketing. Content Marketing can take your company where you want to go, but you have to have a specific idea of where you want it to take you, and you have to do your part to make sure you help steer that Content down the right road to get you there.

What does “specific” mean? Well, “I want more customers” isn’t specific. ” I want my content to drive a 10% increase in qualified prospects over a two quarter period” however works pretty nicely. It’s specific, it’s easy to measure, and it has a due-date assigned to it. True goals have a specific destination in mind, a specific plan to get there, a specific timeline, and an easy way to measure if the plan is working.

3. Be ready to hear some things you might not want to hear:

Let’s be frank- any Orlando Content Marketing agency worth it’s salt is going to have to explain to you what you have been doing right, and what you have been doing wrong. It’s not a comfortable conversation (and of course, any respectable Content Marketing agency will understand that most people haven’t had the benefits of hundreds or thousands of hours of instruction and practice on the best ways to create and deploy content and will therefore “go easy” on you), but a conversation that has to be had regardless. If you are serious about taking your marketing to the next level (and beyond), you need to be ready to hear that “your baby is ugly”.

It could be that your design isn’t so hot, or that your company website looks like a 1998 teenager’s Geocities band tribute site, or maybe that your writing flows like a language that only three year old twins would understand. Whatever it is, chances are that it’s going to sting when you first hear it.  Listen anyways. At then end of the day, you will have the final say over whether or not you have to act on their feedback (though 9 times out of 10 you probably should), but you hav be willing to at least consider that you may have some mistaken ideas about where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.
A Content Marketing Agency – when they know what they are doing (and what YOU are doing), when the fit is good with your company’s culture and voice, and when everyone is on the same page in terms of what needs to be accomplished , can make HUGE differences in terms of how many clients and customers your company can build deep roots with. That requires a lot of deep thought and willingness to stand on your head when looking in the mirror (so to speak) in order to work. Be ready to stretch a little- nothing huge was ever accomplished by doing the same things we’re already doing.


If you’ve already prepared to make the most out of the help of a proven Content Marketing Agency that understands how to use  good Content Strategy to drive results, let us give you a free consultation and quote!




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