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Follow Up Marketing After They Book

Follow Up Marketing: Keeping Guests Engaged AFTER They Visit

Out of sight, out of mind? Not necessarily!

By Laura Andrews

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Keeping a visitor readily engaged with your organization or product may seem impossible and daunting, but the art (and necessity of “Follow Up Marketing” doesn’t have to be that way. Small changes in your marketing plan and your loyalty program can help keep your visitors engaged long after they visit your website, event or location.


Follow up!

The number one thing to remember to keep visitors engaged is the follow up email and social media posts. I’m inferring two things of you, reader, by making this claim.


I’m inferring that you have a current e-mail distribution list from your visitors, whether from an event sign-up or website visit enter-to-win or white paper download, and that you have an active social media base. I’m inferring these two things, because these are the bare minimum things that you should have. If you don’t have these, move them to the top of your to do list and then keep reading this blog post.


Back to following up. Reach out to guests of your event or visitors to your website and tell them what happened. If you held a successful event, tell them. Did you raise a certain amount of money or do so well that your event will come back next year? Tell them! If they were a part of an event goal, they should know what that goal was and if it was met. This will make your attendees feel invested and interested in coming back next year.


Don’t forget to say thank you.

In that email follow up and social media post don’t forget to say thank you. Thank your guests or event attendees for attending; they took time out of their day and likely money out of their pockets to be there. Send them a heartfelt thank you and if you’re so inclined, a potential discount to come back next year (more on that below).


Thank your website visitors for continuing to come back and utilize this resource. Offer enter-to-win opportunities and contests to keep them engaged, keep them coming back and keep them interested.


Never underestimate the feedback survey.

You may think your event went well or that your website offers everything that it needs to, but you’ll never really know until you ask. Draft a short feedback survey and use it! Ask overall satisfaction, likelihood to return and likelihood to recommend to friends and family. Let event and web attendees tell you what they liked or disliked and what they need you to do to make it better. Don’t forget to grab a few demographics as well.


Keep them engaged by keeping them in the know.

Continue to tell event and web attendees what is coming up in the next week, month or year. Let them know what events are coming back and when they can expect to see ticket information. Let them know changes you’ve made to your website and how this can help them.


If your organization or company has something big coming, consider a countdown clock with periodic email and social media updates. Counting down can mean counting ahead.


Discounts make the marketing world go round.

Whenever possible, keep your attendees engaged by offering special discounts and promotions exclusive to them. If you’re having an event, offer a discount code to get them to sign up early. Not only does this help you plan, but it gives them time to help spread the word to family and friends. Getting past attendees to commit early is the best recipe for both parties.


Remember how it feels to be left out of an email chain or group text? That’s how your customers feel when you leave them out of your plans. Keep them engaged by keeping in touch. We don’t need daily check-ins, but weekly or monthly will do! Loyalty programs only work when you show loyalty to them just as much as you want them to show loyalty to you!


Follow Up Marketing is more than just an option for a business focused on growth- It’s the price of playing the game.  If you are facing challenges in staying in front of your guests and customers after the first visit, chances are, you’ll benefit from the RipList. 

The RipList is an occasional email chock full of ACTIONABLE marketing strategies and hacks that will help you and your company reach more target customers more often.  It’s all about things you can do yourself today! 

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3 Easy Steps for Marketing Your Loyalty Program

Making sure your loyalty program is creating loyal customers

 By Laura Andrews

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Loyalty programs are twofold. They are a great way to keep your customers engaged and at the same time, a great way to acquire customer information.


So why use one?

Here’s why. With a loyalty program you can:

  • Acquire new customers and increase your customer base
  • Increase how much a customer spends overall by offering discounts on new products to try
  • Increase customer retention by helping them feel involved and invested in your brand
  • Give customers incentives to purchase more expensive products
  • Reconnect lapse customers to your brand by offering incentives to lure them back to your brand


Now that we all agree that loyalty programs are great in acquiring and retaining customers (right?), let’s talk about marketing. Here are three actionable steps that you can do to market your loyalty program right now.


1) Create a message of relevance

The perceived value of a reward is more important than the actual percentage or dollar reward. Let’s think about that. That means that customers care more about the value they feel they are getting than the actual dollar amount off or coupon. Remember to make sure you’re offering something of real value to your customer and you’ll help ensure customer loyalty.


2) Thank your customer

Who doesn’t love getting a thank you? Your customers certainly do. Thank them by offering a discount, coupon or additional perk that they can only get because they are your customer. This can be done through e-mail marketing or social media. Use the marketing channels where your company frequently interacts with your customers.


3) Move your customer from brand to product

Your customer might love your brand but still not purchase your product. As frustrating as that sounds, it happens all of the time. Think about how much you may drool over that expensive new watch, shoe or piece of technology but you still don’t purchase it. If your customers are loyal to your brand, give them incentives to try your products. Give them samples or coupons to try your product and then ask for their feedback. Make them feel like a part of the process and involved in your brand. They’ll keep coming back.


A loyalty program should make your customers feel like VIP members in an exclusive club. Customer want to feel special and companies have the power to do that.


loyalty programs are fantastic ways to build…well…Loyalty! Getting it right isn’t always easy though. If you’re looking for more ways to make the most out of your marketing program (and avoiding some of the costly or time-sucking pitfalls ), why not subscribe to the RipList? 

The RipList is an occasional email chock full of ACTIONABLE marketing strategies and hacks that will help you and your company reach more target customers more often.  It’s all about things you can do yourself today! 

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