Core Digital Marketing Services

Responsive Website Design and Maintenance

We know that a good website is about more than just the coolest new features (though, sometimes those are nice too)! A good website looks great, but is also easy and inexpensive to update and maintain. It's set up with SEO in mind, and a clean and pleasant user experience as the focus. A good site is meant to not only draw new visitors, but to help you convert them from strangers to repeat customers...and raving fans!

Our philosophy on web site design is simple- just like the sites we build: We believe in building sites that are powerful, but understandable-designed to support your larger marketing efforts. Our sites are built on the most powerful CMS (Content Management System) platforms- customized behind the scenes to perfectly fit each client. We optimize each site to make sure they rank competitively in the search engines, but even more important- that they attract the RIGHT kind of customer!

Responsive web design agency ripcurrent

Content Creation and Inbound Marketing

content marketing and inbound marketing agency ripcurrent

We're a company that started off as a copywriting firm, so believe us when we say, we know the huge power of the written word to build connections and influence people.

Our team of digital marketing specialists will work with your team to create targeted content that your perspective customers will be drawn to. From blog posts to articles, case studies to premium downloadable "lead magnets" and email marketing campaigns, our content creation services are designed to bring more people into your circle early enough in the buying process to give your company the "home field advantage"...and then we'll help you keep them engaged.

Social Media Marketing and Content Distribution

Any and every successful marketing plan is built off of a solid strategy that takes into account who YOU are, who your best clients are, the goals you look to accomplish, and all the steps it will take to get there.

Likewise, it doesn't matter how good your content is if you don't have a way to get it into the right hands!

This is a digital marketing agency that boasts a team of marketing strategists, social media specialists, and PR professionals who are committed to putting you - and keeping your- in front of the right people.

We'll work with you to create a solid plan for reaching your best audience when and where they are most receptive, and we'll create a documented strategy for keeping them engaged throughout the entire buyer journey- from awareness all the way through the purchase- and beyond!

social media agency ripcurrent

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

email marketing agency ripcurrent

Very few things can build your business the way that email marketing can. Your list is a veritable gold mine of business (and potential) business if you use it the right way. Unfortunately, most companies DON'T use it the right way.

RipCurrent Digital Marketing has been studying, practicing, and honing the art of proper email marketing and marketing automation for years- creating systems to grow and then harness the power of your email list to drive engagement, provide powerful insights into your customers, and - of course- to bring you new customers.

And what's beautiful is that we'll help make sure that the biggest killers of success (hu​man error and "we're too busy to follow up right now") don't slow down your momentum!

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