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Content Strategy is often mistaken for being just another word for Content Marketing, but that’s a misunderstanding. Content Marketing is a PORTION of Content Strategy that is focused on using content to drive specific profitable behaviors from a target audience while Content Strategy is the overarching science behind identifying a “correct” audience, understanding what content to that audience is looking for, discovering how/where/when to reach them, and then acting to impose order on that content.

We know that some organizations don’t have the resources (be they time or manpower) to fully research and implement a full Content Strategy internally, which is why RipCurrent Content Marketing Services offers a full Content Strategy program to help these companies reap the full benefit of a robust content program.

The RipCurrent Content Strategy Program:

1. We help our clients test- and if necessary, break free of- any preconceived notions of who their target audience is, and then guide them through the process of discovering who they REALLY are.

2. We help our clients segment their core and secondary audiences for easier and more successful targeting.

3. We help our clients create audience profiles to better determine who these people/organizations are, where they are, what they do, and what their needs are.

4. We help our clients craft messages that simultaneously achieve the objectives of their organizations while also maximizing reception from their target audiences.

5. We help our clients determine what tone, form, and delivery vehicles are most proper for reaching their target audience, and then help them create and implement a strategy for using this info to build their brand through content and relationship nurturing.

There’s the marketing jargon version of what our Content Strategy services are all about...

...and now here's the explanation for the rest of us:

We help companies dig into who their customers REALLY are, learn how to speak their language, learn how to build trust by addressing those customer needs, and then we organize it all so that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible while always maintaining the human voice.

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Specific Content Strategy services include:

-Social Media Management -

There are plenty of companies that specialize in getting you social media “Friends” and “Likes”, but far fewer in number are the companies who know how to use Social Media a greater purpose.

The RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Team has been using Social Media to drive results longer than the term “Social Media” has even been in existence, and we know that – as a method of sharing content and receiving feedback in nearly-real time – Social Media management is a necessary part of any successful digital marketing program . Our Social Media specialists will help you monitor and grow your brand, build relationships, and- as part of a bigger Content Strategy– – fill the top of your marketing funnel by the tested and proven methods of Direct Response Marketing with the power of real time relationship building. 

Social Media Management that's about more than vanity metrics​- that's how we roll.

-Audience Persona Development-

Zig Ziglar used to say that “You can’t hit a target that you can’t see”, and that’s a philosophy that drives everything we do at RipCurrent Content Marketing Services. Before creating any content, you must understand two things- why you are creating it, and who you are writing it for. Many businesses assume that their audience is anyone and everyone. Others are more realistic, but equally off target- choosing a specific target based off a hunch that has never been verified. Our crew will work with the people on the front lines of your sales efforts to dig deep into not only who your customer base is, but also what audiences really make the best customers, who/what influences them, and where they go to get information before they make buying decisions. A Content Strategy without a well-researched and well thought out Audience Persona to target, it a very poor strategy indeed!

-Content Audit/Inventory

Before creating a Content Strategy, a smart marketer will do a thorough Content Audit and Inventory to make sure you are making the most out of all of your existing assets. Our team will help create a central hub of content- a place where all of your content will live. From this Content Audit and Inventory, you’ll always know what assets you have, and how to best deploy (and re-deploy) them. The best content is the content that you create once, and re-imagine several times.

-Editorial Calendar Development

Content Strategy is- at its heart- about enforcing order on an otherwise chaotic world of information. An Editorial Calendar is perhaps the greatest tool for achieving that! RipCurrent Content Marketing Services will work with you to create an Editorial Calendar that matches your goals, organizes your informational assets, and keeps your Content Strategy on schedule!

-Content Amplification and Deployment-

Creating great content is all but pointless if you don’t get it in front of the people you create it for. Content Amplification and Deployment is the art of strategically spreading your content- broadcasting it in a way that the right people can easily find and consume it when they are looking for answers to their most challenging concerns.

We’ll develop a custom built Content Amplification and Deployment strategy to help put your content where it will do the most good. We’ll find where your audience is already spending time, end release a stream of content to help them find their way back to you! Sometimes that means strategic social media management, other times that means guest blogging, content syndication, or influencer marketing. We'll work with you to determine the best plan of action - and then put that plan into effect to help build your brand, put your content in front of the right eyes, and put those eyes where you want them- right back on your webpage.

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