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Let’s be honest, there are thousands of webdesign companies out there that would be happy to build you a new webpage.

Some of them focus on the newest bells and whistles available to webmasters, while others are more interested in the more human side of what makes a great site. Personally, we love cool looking websites, and every last one of us is a certified gadget freak, but when it comes to websites, our philosophy is built more around the idea that a great website needs to be easy to use- not just by the people viewing it, but also the people who need to update it. That’s why RipCurrent Digital Marketing builds all of our sites on a CMS (Content Management System) platform that is feature rich, but still quick and easy for you and your staff to update should you choose to move things "in house"!

Several years ago, RipCurrent Director Ryan commissioned a website to be built for his first business. It was a VERY cool website, with all those bells and whistles we mentioned, and it did some very cool things. The problem was, any time Ryan wanted to update the site, he had to hire someone to make the updates- no matter how large or small those updates were!

The site wasn’t optimized to rank well with the search engines because the people who built the site were technicians, not marketers, and Ryan didn’t know enough about how to update websites to do it himself. Being a bootstrapped start up as it was, the funds simply weren’t available to keep pumping money into the site. Ryan had effectively NO control over his business's biggest asset, and as a result, the business withered away. It was a painful lesson: When it comes to website design, get a professional’s help where needed, but never give up full control over your brand.

Ripped from the Headlines: Did you know that big names such as CNN, UPS, Samsung, and even The Rolling Stones have chosen to build their websites off of Content Management System platforms? CMS sites don't all have to look like templates- all it takes is a little know how and a healthy dose of creativity to stand out from the crowd!

With a Content Management System platform (customized by the RipCurrent  crew), you can have a website that looks and feels like a custom site, but one that still gives you the ability to update the site yourself whenever you need to!

Websites built on a Content Management System platform are perfect for Content Marketing They let you quickly and easily create new pages, update with new content, optimize your site for the search engines, and even track how well your content is performing. If your company needs a website that looks great, is easy and inexpensive to update, and can do more than a few cool tricks, we’d love to show you what we can do for you.

Of course, RipCurrent Digital Marketing is always happy to help you update any CMS site that we build for you (and we include updates and maintenance with our Content Strategy campaigns), but isn’t it nice to know that you’ll still retain control of your brand?

We think it is.

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