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Email Marketing- Where the Rubber Hits the Road...

You've almost certainly heard it before, but it bears repeating: Your most valuable asset is your email list.

Everyone knows that a strong email list and and equally powerful email marketing program is important to the growth of a company, but very few companies really do much about it. It's not really shocking...attracting leads who will share their email address is no easy task, and once you have that email address you still have to segment the lead, figure out where they came from, what their motivations are, how serious they are as a lead... Then you have to make sure that they receive messaging that actually fits their interest, figure out if they are actually connecting with your email content, decide when they will get the next email, and - oh yeah- some where in there you need to move them into the next step of the customer journey. Whew....

Ripcurrent Digital Marketing is a firm believer in the power of email marketing, but we also know that it's a lot of any one person (or even team) to keep up with... that's why we are such big fans of Marketing Automation!

Though the power of Marketing Automation, you can take a lot of the leg work out of the equation- and a lot of the potential potholes out of the road in the customer journey! We build robust email marketing and marketing automation systems for companies in the meetings and travel industries that will help make sure that you capture the maximum number of qualified leads, properly segment them according to things like interests, geography, industry, or demographics, and then consistently stay in front of them with relevant and timely messaging!

We offer a full set of email marketing and automation assistance to our partners....​

Email Marketing and Automation Campaign Services

Starting with setting the goals, we'll work with you to create a strategy to grow your list and to maximize your current list, set up your schedules for optimum open rates, craft the right emails, and integrate a powerful automation system into your email, your website, and your social media - helping you build a strategic set of customer journeys that will keep qualified leads moving through your funnel towards more consistent conversions!

Template / Autoresponder / Landing Page Design

​Oh yes, the technical stuff... We'll handle all of the heavy lifting of building all the different aspects of the machine! We'll design an appropriate series of email templates, contact forms, autoresponder sequences, touches throughout the customer journey, landing pages, thank you pages, and handle the nuts and bolts of making them all come together in one coherent package that will set you up for long term success capturing and converting more qualified leads!

Gated Content Management

One of the questions we get asked m ore often than any other is how other companies "gate" premium content. Providing an offer of a report, a template, a case study or a white paper has become such an important factor of building a growing email list​, and yet, so many companies are struggling with how to get into the game themselves. 

We'll help you secure the right premium content behind the right offers, and we'll automate the process of delivering it to the people who join your mailing list. We'll make sure that they move into the right customer journey, make sure that they are placed into the right segments based on the information we can pull from their interest, and start the process of converting them into long term clients.​

Social Media Integration

​Were you aware that social media platforms like Facebook will allow you to drop your current email contact list into the system in order to serve targeted sponsored messages specifically to them? Were you aware that you can also build targeted lists of potential NEW clients based on the characteristics of your best existing clientele? 

We can ​work out all of the details from building the list (or lists as the case SHOULD be), to creating the right sponsored message, to optimizing a PPC campaign, all the way to measuring the results and moving new leads into a new customer journey!

Automation System Maintenance 

It would be great if successful marketing was "Set it and forget it", but unfortunately, it's just not quite that easy. Keeping results coming in requires ​a steady hand to consistently monitor data and make the right adjustments at the right moment. We're well aware of how to read the subtle clues in the data that show you what changes need to be made and when, and we'll keep your marketing automation system firing on all pistons- keeping your target audience flowing into the right customer journeys and keeping you in front of them when it's most important!

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