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Content Marketing from Actual Copy Writers and Specialists

While a strong Content Strategy is the heart of successful Content Marketing, Written Content is the number one tool marketers have for successfully building relationships long distance.

Copywriting takes many forms, and each one has it's own strengths, it's own uses, and it's own landmines to avoid. RipCurrent Content Marketing Services is in the business of understanding just how to use the written word to connect with the world and to build long term relationships. Here are just a few ways our Orlando based Content Marketing agency can go to work for you:

Blog Strategy, Seeding, and Maintenance:

The content cornerstone of any successful strategy, your blog is not only the best way to show case your voice and build your brand, it's also the single strongest way to build your SEO. It gives your site more pages to crawl, helps build your organic traffic, builds more keyword ranking potential, and attracts more links. If you are trying to build your brand online, having a blog that is updated multiple times a week isn't an option, it's the required price of admission.

The marketers of RipCurrent Content Marketing Services have been blogging for more than a decade. We've built blogs, we've revived blogs, and we've torn blogs down and started over. We don't just write blogs- this is one content marketing agency that will strategize and grow them.

Keeping up with a blog is a lot of work, but it's a time investment that will pay off. If you are your team need help to keep your blog updated (or to start a new blog),the copywriters of RipCurrent Content Marketing Services is ready to help.

Companies that regularly update the content of their blogs are proven to average over 125% more leads than those who don't!

That's just ONE reason it's so important to maintain an active blog!

Article Marketing:

Article writing isn't what it used to be, and at RipCurrent Content Marketing Services, we think that's a good thing.

Until 2012, Article Writing had begun to devolve into nothing more than a way to "trick" the search engines and pulling in links. Articles with little to no human value were seeded across the internet in a race to build back links, but nobody seemed to care that the articles in question were - in a word- crap. They weren't intended to do anything other than pull in as many links as possible.

All of that changed in 2012 when the search engines decided that they had enough and began imposing tough penalties on the so called Article Farms. Gone were the days where a company would write an article, then use software to "spin" the article (which is a way of using software to automatically replace a few words in the article in an attempt to re-use the same article dozens if not hundreds of times for countless Article Farms) over and over- replaced instead by a new focus on creating quality Written Content over quantity.

RipCurrent Content Marketing Services has been doing Article Marketing right for nearly 20 years. Our team of journalists, bloggers, and copywriters has the know-how to do the right research, the skills to write to engage, and the experience to know how to properly distribute articles so that they get in the hands of your target audience while building your reputation as a trusted subject matter expert!

Case Studies:

More recently known as "Customer Success Stories", a good Case Study is a great way to fill the middle of your marketing/sales funnel by helping to put a face on your company and your customers.

A well written case study is all about telling a story about one of your clients. Like any good story, there will be a scheming villain ( in this case, a challenge that your client faced) and there will be a hero (you). Through the Case Study, we will help you show how you and your company came to the rescue to solve your client's challenges.

We start by interviewing your team to decide which client (or clients) make the most sense to feature for your Case Study. Once a suitable client has been decided, we'll interview your client to get all the juicy details of how your company saved the day (This process in itself is often a great way to help you build an even stronger relationship with your client!). Once we've got the details, our team will put together a case study that co-stars your client and your solution.

Case Studies are a very popular and a very powerful way to market. By showing examples of your product at work rather than just telling about it, and by doing it through the words of your happy client, you provide the social proof that will so many buyers require before they'll do business!

Press Release Writing and Distribution:

A press release done well does several things. It -of course- helps garner attention from the media, but it also helps draw awareness from bloggers, from potential clients/partners, and from the public in general. It will supplements your other marketing efforts in a way few other methods can. It helps other people- people of influence- spread your word for you.

Unfortunately, a press release done poorly will either do nothing, or it will actively scare people of influence away from you and your message.

RipCurrent Content Marketing Services has written press releases for companies of all sizes, for profits, non-profits, and all the grey areas in between, and we know the difference between a press release done well, and...well...that other kind.

So, why are Press Releases so important?

Besides the fact that they establish you as an expert, they also provide you with a load of high quality one-way backlinksthat are so vital for climbing the Search Rankings!

SEO Optimized Web Copy:

There are -of course- a lot of people who practice the art of writing. Likewise, there are a handful of people who understand the ever-changing science of Search Engine Optimization. What there are relatively few of though, are people who can combine the science and the art to write copy that attracts both search engines AND humans.

In the marketing world, that's a combination that's hard to come by.

Our philosophy has always focused on writing for humans first, and search engines second, but that doesn't mean the search engines are an afterthought- after all, you can't call yourself a content marketing agency if you don't know a thing or two about SEO!

Recent changes in various search engine algorithms have changed the rules. No longer can you stuff keywords into your web copy and rely on that to climb to the top of Google (or Bing, or Yahoo, etc). These days, increasingly savvy search engines are rewarding Written Content that provides true value to the question that people are actually asking.

Our copy writers know that the most successful way to optimize Web Copy is to get inside the minds of the audience- to understand what they are searching for and how they are doing it, and then to write towards answering their questions. If your web copy is good...if your copy provides what people are looking for, and if your copy does it on their terms, the audience and the search engines will come.

Sales Copy Creation:

People like to talk about Return of Investment for their marketing efforts, but what most people don't really understand is HOW to measure the ROI of their marketing. Do you measure how many people see/hear or your message? Is it all about how many people are talking about or sharing your message? Is it just about the revenue directly attributed to your efforts?

The fact is, there IS a difference between Sales and Marketing, though often the lines are blurred. Marketing should -when done well- first raise awareness of you and your offerings, then build trust among an audience, and finally, prime them for a purchase. That's where Marketing ends and Sales begins. This is the final destination of marketing, not the first step on the path.

Our little internet marketing agency has traveled in both the Marketing and the Sales worlds, and understands that every journey must have a destination, and for most companies, that destination is a sale. Creating customized Sales Copy for landing pages and sales collateral is the important factor that so often gets lost in the shuffle of creating content. Compelling Sales Copy helps customers solve their challenges, and helps your sales staff grow your company- and provide measurable ROI for your Sales and Marketing efforts!

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