Meet The Crew...

Content Marketing isn't as "One Size Fits All" as some might have you believe, and we've yet to find the one person who can do everything with any resemblance of quality (or without going mad...that's a lot of marketing for one brain). That's why we built our growing Orlando-based agency around a diverse team featuring a multitude of talents, backgrounds, and specialties! 

We have copy writers, designers, editors, programmers, PR planners, analysts, and strategists...and that's just our "core" crew!

Ryan C McKay RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Orlando Digital Agency


Director / Sales + Marketing Specialist

Likes: Reading voraciously, writing spontaneously, golfing poorly, backyard pit-smoked barbecue, grieving the loss of my motorcycle to the ravages of age and responsibility, traveling the US, trying to keep up with my kids.

Raised in Cleveland, I spent my formative trying to find warmer places to spend my time. 

Always the frustrated writer, promoter, and entrepreneur, I would write (and try to sell) homemade newspapers, run a constant stream of lemonade stands, and try to organize neighborhood clubs/businesses with the local kids on the block. Throughout my school years, I was a staff writer and then editor of the school newspaper, and later an on air personality/VP of the college radio station.

Since entering the real world, I have done sales/marketing/copywriting (as well as on air work) for several major market radio stations, managed marketing budgets for hundreds of clients in the Trade Show world, worked/freelanced for a small handful of Digital Marketing Companies, and was a featured writer for several publications- both online and offline.

As the creator of Orlando-based RipCurrent Content Marketing Services (as well as in the Director role), I spend my time doing what I love most- working with creative and smart people to help our clients grow their businesses through the power of customer driven Content Marketing, simplified and effective web design, and sales focused marketing strategy.

Adam Drake RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Agency Orlando


Web/Graphic Design Specialist

Likes: Sky diving, design, Lego, Star Wars, golf, white water rafting

Adam is a self-professed nerd with a passion for design. He has over a decade of experience in graphic and web design, and has worked on projects for a wide variety of organizations, including local non-profits, professional sports teams, state agencies, international corporations, and NCAA Division I universities. Adam is also a faculty member in the Visual Communication Department at Cuyahoga Community College, teaching the very classes he attended as a student! In his free time, Adam indulges a likely-unhealthy obsession with Star Wars and/or Lego - when he isn't skydiving, white water rafting, or running obstacle courses, that is.

Eddie James RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Agency Orlando


Editor /Marketing Specialist

Likes: Tennis, quality time with my family

Hi!  My name is Eddie, short for...Eddie! I'm an "old chick" who's done it all and most likely mastered none of it. I've retired three times, most recently as the Associate Director of Marketing and also Editor at a campus of a major university. I also completed a 27-year stint with federal civil service in a myriad of positions and spent several years serving coal miners and their families. I'm excited to be a part of the RipCurrent staff and look forward to assisting you in any way possible!

Laura Andrews RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Agency Orlando


Public Relations / Marketing Specialist

Likes: long dinners with family and friends, finding a new winery or brewery, weekend road trips, museums, watching too much reality television, attempting to be a foodie

With over ten years of marketing and PR experience, Laura has developed and implemented public relations, digital and brand campaigns for nonprofit, for-profit and government organizations. Past and current positions include work at The Cleveland Museum of Art, Clear Channel, Allied Integrated Agency, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Cleveland Metroparks. In addition to working in the marketing field, Laura is also currently an instructor at Kent State University in the school of Communication Studies. She holds a bachelor degree in communication studies from The College of Wooster, a master's degree in public relations from Kent State University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in mass communication and online branding from Kent State University.

Dave Spano RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Agency Orlando


Audio/ Content Distribution  Specialist

Likes: video games, electronics, playing guitar, working in radio, being a (frustrated) football & baseball fan

Calling the radio industry home for the past thirteen years has allowed me to hone my skills in audio/radio production , as well as my marketing chops (a side effect of spending time in the world of promotions, content and copy creation, and of course, "Big Brand" social media.) Spending the first nine years of my radio career at Clear Channel Cleveland, I furthered my career with a move to CBS Radio Cleveland where I have had the opportunity to be the radio engineer for both the Cleveland Indians Radio Network and the Cleveland Browns Radio Network. In addition to my radio background, I have created and run a freelance social media company  (Social-Racket) which creates and manages social media pages for numerous clients- both B2B and B2C. Past experiences have also allowed me the opportunity to work with companies such as Smucker's, Allstate, Viva, Dish Network and many others, on their brand and product marketing.

Jamie Lynn Natole RipCurrent Content Marketing Services Orlando Agency

Jamie Lynn

Visual Content Design and Creation Specialist

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, marketing, photography and social media professional. I have vast experience and am always looking for opportunities to expand my career as a Creative Director. My life revolves around design & creativity! Graphic design, web layout design, social media design, photography, textile design, fashion design, interior design, display design, product & packaging design, crafts, hair & make-up design - you name it!

I love sharing great ideas, products, designs, and websites with people and collaborating with other professionals to learn their favorites! I have extensive knowledge and experience in design, marketing, social media & sales. However, my knowledge and expertise doesn't stop there. I am very well versed and I have experience in so many areas. I am very passionate about my work and I honestly LOVE what I am capable of doing and what I am able to provide to my client(s).

If you have an idea or need some help creating collateral for yourself or business, I'd like to hear about it!

Otherwise, I like to do home improvement projects I find on Pinterest. I enjoy music, being outside, camping/hiking/exploring, being as self-sustainable as possible, reading, playing in my garden and spending time with my partner, Brendan ,Great Pyrenees, Mogli and our cats.

Chances are, if you are reading this page, it's either because you are considering building your business through the power of Content Marketing (or that you are one of our mother's showing us off to your friends). Whether you are looking for a team of experienced marketers who know what it takes to help fill your dance card,or you just need the help of an individual copy writer, graphic design artist, web designer, or Content Marketing consultant for a specific project, our team is at your service! Click the button below and we'll be happy to put together a quick and easy Content Audit at no obligation to you !