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5 Ways To Promote an Event Online Without Going Broke

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Promote An Event Without Breaking the Bank

Lots of great events but without a budget to promote?

Don’t worry, use what you have!

By Laura Andrews

Chances are- if you build your business by attracting guests OFFLINE as well as on, you’ve at one point or another spent time looking for ways to promote an event (events?) on a budget. Look no further! The following five tactics on how to promote an event online will help you promote, promote, promote… and save, save, save.


1) Utilize social media

Yes this is quite a broad bullet point, but that’s good. That means there are many different ways to use social media to your advantage.


Here are just a few ideas:

  • Add your event to your company or organization’s Facebook page, or your own personal page, and post it for all to see. Invite fans.
  • Use a specifically crafted Twitter and Instagram hashtag to promote your event. Use this for pre-promotional posts, during the event and in follow-up and thank you posts.
  • Set up a group on LinkedIn and invite people.
  • Purchase Facebook ads. There is a small cost here, but with these ads being relatively cheap it would be a great opportunity to spread the word about your event past your current fan base.
  • Host a Google hangout or Skype meet-up with your speakers prior to event
  • If your event includes a ticket price for attendees offer them a discount code online as the event gets closer. Even offering $5 off can sway someone to come to your event and to share the coupon code online with their friends.
  • Don’t forget your friends! Reach out to vendors, event partners, speakers, etc. and ask them to share and retweet your content on their social media pages.


2) Step up your email marketing

Already have a current e-mail distribution list set up? Great, reach out to those people and let them know about your upcoming event. Don’t have a list yet? No problem. You can purchase a list from a third-party for a small amount of money or use this event as a way to grow your list for future uses. Include ways for your guests to sign up during the event to be on the list and make sure you grab their email addresses during the registration process! You can even include an opt-in box before they check out online.


If you are promoting a reoccurring event, don’t forget to email past attendees with details and even a coupon code to get them to become regulars.


3) Make it easy for visitors to share your event info

We all like easy right? So do your potential attendees. Don’t forget to include a ‘Register Now’ button on your website or event landing page and social sharing buttons as well.


If your event is set up for online ticketing give your attendees an option to share that they’re going to your event on all social media channels. Allowing their friends to see your event info will only help spread that word-of-mouth quickly!



4) Tease us!

Give potential attendees a small taste of what your event is going to be like. Tease them! Distribute YouTube videos of speakers, event highlights, past event pictures, etc. prior to event. Show potential attendees what they are going to miss if they don’t come to your event.


Utilize your social media channels as well and post event information, photos, and videos as teasers. If the event is more than one day, post throughout the event to continue to market.


Remember: Don’t give it all away at once, but a little here and there never hurt anyone!


5) Do some good ole fashioned blogging

You know all that content you’re pushing on social media and all of those teasers you’ve dutifully crafted? Keep using that content and create blog posts along the way. Write blog posts on your website leading up to the event highlighting the speakers and activities. If possible, get speakers or people associated with the event (partners or vendors) to blog as well and share content with them across their marketing channels.


Ready to sell out your event and not break the bank? Take these tips above and you’re on the path to event success!


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