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Building Links smart guy

5 SMART Ways To Build Back Links and Improve SEO

Building Back Links the RIGHT Way While Keeping Google Happy

Building Links smart guy

Answering the Age of Question of “How Do I Build Back Links Without Going Black Hat?”…

(Guest Post by Felix Tarcomnicu )


Despite the tighter regulations imposed by search giants ( particularly Google ), on the use of back links, building those links remains a valuable strategy in generating organic inbound traffic.

The truth of the matter is there are ways and means to develop back links that will conform to Google’s guidelines and still yield productive results for your SEO efforts.

Here are five smart ways to build back links and improve SEO:


  1. Create a dynamic blog


Everyone in SEO has probably bled the term “Great Content” dry. Ever since Google introduced its search engine directives related to a change in its algorithm, the need for great content has been at the forefront of SEO.


There is no doubt creating great content will help generate back links. If people love what they read and see value and relevance in the content, they will share or re-distribute it. But in order to maximize your blog, it must be kept active or dynamic.


  • Include an RSS Feed in your blog page. An RSS Feed makes distribution and sharing easier.
  • Connect with other bloggers. When you link with other bloggers, they may return the favor. But be wary of the reputation and authenticity of the blogger.
  • Implement newsjacking. Newsjacking or the process of reporting on breaking news establishes the freshness of your content. This will drive your content up the search rankings.


  1. Explore your creativity


It’s not just about creating great content. You should look beyond your comfort zone and explore other ways to keep the interest going.


The best content should be relevant, engaging and addresses a specific concern of the audience. Often, a single piece will not be enough. Explore your creativity by adapting techniques to keep content fully charged.


  • Create case studies. If your content covers work with current or previous clients, use your experience to present case studies. These have the same effect as testimonials in that theories are applied to real world situations. Make sure to get the consent of your clientele.
  • Use Infographics. An Infographic is a visual representation of the data or information relayed in your content. Infographics contribute to making content reader-friendly and thus, share-worthy.
  • Create visual content. People are generally visual. When they read information, they often translate these into imagery. Consider utilizing unique forms of visuals such as cartoons, tables, graphs or even memes. The latter have branded memes juvenile but you cannot discount its ability to create viral content.


  1. Deliver content via Webinars


We’ve often read SEO professionals recommend webinars as an effective way for link building but how does it work?


Keep in mind these tips when conceptualizing your webinar:


  • Remember that people attend webinars to find resolution to an issue or concern. Make sure your content provides actionable plans and links to available resources.
  • Use your website to host the information and description of the webinar. This way, people will share that they will go to your website.
  • Have relevant internal links available for attendees to review before the webinar.
  • Have the sign up list, download and listen pages embedded on your website. This is the best way to capture social signals and back links.
  • Always have the social sharing apps available on the download webinar page.
  • Whenever you mention a resource, the related resource link must be featured.
  • Always shoe courtesy to the attendees and inform them when a copy of the webinar will be available.


  1. Develop strategic partnerships


In order to encourage organic back linking, you must consistently reach out to related resources or potential affiliates. In a way you are networking with people and communities that see value in developing strategic partnerships.


  • Research on your industry and identify the companies or businesses that are most congruent to your purpose. You might be surprised on the number of companies that would want to link to your blog especially for specific content.
  • Request for product or service reviews from other companies or businesses. A product or service review will not only succeed in building organic back links but provide you with valuable industry feedback on your performance.
  • Research on websites that have mentioned your business. Then contact them and work out a link building arrangement.
  1. Go old school


Who says that going the traditional route is obsolete in the digital world? Traditional networking may be inefficient but it still has redeeming values.


For one, leg work gets you involved and engaged directly with your prospective market. Second, greater connectivity is established when content is directly handheld. I am referring to newspapers, books, magazines and newsletters.


Even though the use of paper has been labeled “non-green” and financially inefficient, it still made content resonate louder and clearer than digital methods. You can merge old school tactics with digital techniques to build good quality back links to your website.


  • Contact news sites and pitch ideas for great compelling articles. In traditional marketing, you hired a PR Manager to contact news papers and find a content editor to propose an article or write up. In the digital age, it is pretty much the same thing. A news site will ask you to buy ad space or you can connect with the content manager and pitch an idea that may interest him. If the content manager agrees buys your pitch the news site will mention your website and thus generate back links.
  • Host an event and invite reputable bloggers, writers and the most widely recognized names in your industry. Some innovative online marketers even assemble an in-house marketing team to distribute “gift” to the special attendees to ensure favorable participation. A well-run campaign to support your event should generate enough buzz to encourage more back linking activities.


These are just a few of the best actionable ideas to help you attract organic link building to your website.


The bottom-line is to be creative with your approach and find new avenues to get your content found. In the virtual world, there are no boundaries. There will always be opportunities to expand your reach and coverage.


Author bio
Felix Tarcomnicu works with the SEO Tool Monitor Backlinks. He is the author of the popular article “How To Rank High In Google”. You can connect with Felix on Twitter.