Who We Can help / Why RipCurrent?

There are several reasons that businesses look for help from digital marketing agencies...

Sometimes they don't think their website really reflects who they are.  Sometimes it's because they know that they should be getting more qualified traffic to convert, and sometimes it's because they don't have the budget to hire an entire in-house team to handle all of the little bits and pieces that go into running a successful online marketing program. The one common denominator for all these businesses though is that they know that there is something missing from their marketing strategy, and they finally reach a point where they know that it will cost them more to do nothing- whether than means the cost of building and maintaining the right assets themselves, or the cost of lost opportunity.

That's usually when we pop up on their radars.

We know that there are other internet marketing companies out there eager to get your business, and most of them are great at what they do. The question becomes then "Why RipCurrent Content Marketing?"

Besides our awesome personalities and fantastic skills at remembering all the words to nearly every 1980's and 1990's sitcom intro, the RipCurrent Crew is proud of the factors that make us the right choice for so many companies looking to expand their growth!​

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Edsger Dijkstra

  • We don't outsource to overseas writers, artists, or programmers. 
  • We don't take on any projects unless we are genuinely convinced that we can knock it out of the park and help our clients grow well beyond their investment.
  • ​We are an agency composed of journalists, teachers,  actual marketing directors, sales managers, proven designers, and accomplished copywriters. Nobody makes it onto the RipCurrent team until they have proven their chops in the real world.
  • We're proud that our pricing is competitive and fair. We keep our overhead low and our value high. Our rates are higher than hiring an untested overseas freelancer, but considerably lower than hiring an agency that is paying for an office trampoline, coffee bar, arcade games, and the owner's Porsche. Our services and our pricing  are designed for the growing small to medium sized business.
  • We're more than just web designers. Sure, we can build you a pretty mean website, and all of our websites are well optimized and feature semi-automated lead nurturing tools built in, but we make the actual CONTENT a real priority! The content isn't a second thought tacked on- it's the cornerstone of everything we do and since it's the fuel that moves the entire online sales process forward, we think it's pretty important to make it a real focus.
  • ​We don't like the word "policy"...it sounds too rigid and uptight, BUT, if we DID use the word, it would be to point out that our #1 policy is that we don't over complicate things. There are thousands of marketing techniques that people are promoting these days, but how many of them does your business need to achieve it's goals? Probably not very many. The fact is, the strategy that is most likely to work is the one that is understandable and no more complicated than it absolutely has to be. It's simple really: create the content that brings the right people to you, have systems in place to capture/measure/retain those qualified & receptive people, and then give them an easy way to become your customers. We focus on those 3 simple things so that you can focus on being awesome.

Our Services Aren't Right For Everyone, But if They are Right for You, We Can Do Some Amazing Things Together!

who we can help ripcurrent

There are a lot or reasons that Inbound Content Marketing might not be the best path for your business, and if we don't think we can help grow your businesses significantly, we'll not only let you know- we'll also give you a recommendation for what might work instead!

If your business is a growth oriented small to medium sized company with a difficult to explain product/service, or a long sales cycle that requires multiple "touches" during the buying process, we should talk. 

​If your business has either been trying to build/maintain your own website or paying someone else to do it, and you're less than thrilled with the results, with the costs, or with how complicated and time consuming the updating process is, we should talk.

If you  understand that Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing are the preferred and most cost effective ways to reach and convert qualified audiences, but you either don't have the time, the resources, or the know how to create a consistent stream of quality content (and then correctly deploy it), we should talk.

Click the button below and we'll set up a time for a quick discussion to see if there is a fit. If there is, we'll give you a free marketing assessment of your current online program and give you 3 actionable recommendations for what you can do TODAY to improve your results. If it makes sense, we'll work on a proposed strategy and quote that will fit your company's specific needs, goals, and priorities!